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Management Program

1. On-site inspection, consultation and training for healthcare institutions

UE Envirotech’s hazardous waste disposal experts evaluate and advise healthcare institutions to ensure that medical waste management practices are in compliance with government regulations.On-site training will be provided on how to correctly sort, separate, collect, store and manage the medical waste.

2. Collection, storage and transportation of medical waste

UE Envirotech provides regularly scheduled collection of medical waste using specially designed double-walled trucks. The company supplies hospitals with reusable plastic containers for storing and transporting medical waste. Cleaned and disinfected containers are returned to the hospitals after use.

3. Centralised bio-safety disposal of medical waste

UE Envirotech has constructed a centralised medical waste disposal centre for the municipality of all medical waste collected from the region. All the disposal centres are compliant with the government regulatory standards. The disposal centres are equipped with security features including electronic fences, video surveillance systems and access control systems. Our ancillary disposal centres comprise a modern waste disposal factory and facilities. Within the centre there is a waste unloading area, a sterilization and centralized disposal area, a washing/purification area to wash the waste containers as well as an area for staff offices, lockers and related facilities.

4. On-line electronic monitoring and information management system of medical and hazardous waste transfer

UE Envirotech has adopted a unique on-line, simultaneous, electronic monitoring and information management system of medical and hazardous waste transfer to electronically track the whole disposal process from the collecting site to the disposal centre. With the internet-based system our clients can easily visit the websites of their local disposal centers to browse all historical records of the disposal process. The tracking system allows the user to effectively conduct checks, either on government regulations or whether an institution has taken appropriate measures for disposal, and also provide supervisory agencies with records of medical waste management and compliance standards on healthcare institutions.